Testimonials reproduced here are all verifiable but have been anonymised to maintain confidentiality in the public domain.


“Superb interpersonal skills. Catherine is a great mentor and fantastic communicator. She is a joy to work with. She brings experience, intelligence and imagination to all her work.” 


“She is both professional and relaxed at the same time – a hard act to beat.” 


“Responsive and fun; appreciative and questioning; energetic and committed; intelligent and incisive.” 

“In each session she has proved herself the consummate professional. Catherine has the rare combined attributes of old-school thoroughness and a fresh, modern outlook.” 


“Catherine has a can-do attitude at all times, always keeps her cool, and always delivers top notch services.” 


“Catherine is highly-skilled and intelligent, with the ability to just ‘make things happen’.” 


“Catherine is a very empathetic and nurturing person, who has an aptitude for developing skills in others.”


“Her commitment and dedication … are second-to-none, and to top it all off she’s genuinely one of the nicest people I have ever met.”

“You’ve done a fantastic job, again. You’re a very professional individual – very flexible, very receptive, a great problem solver and an excellent communicator.” 


“Catherine is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her professionalism, positive ‘can do’ attitude and endless enthusiasm never ceases to amaze me.” 

“Her strategies always help me to get back on track. She is thoroughly reliable and trustworthy and also such a friendly positive person and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

“Couldn’t have done this without you - you’ve changed our world in one weekend!!!”

“When I think of the situation we were in a few months ago - we had pretty well run out of hope - and compare that to yesterday when we sat at dinner together chatting to a completely transformed person. Thank you once again, we couldn’t have done it without you.” 

"Catherine is one of the most diligent, caring people I have met."

“I can’t tell you how much it means to know you’re there … you are a gift. Thank you.”

“A brilliant, caring and talented practitioner and an asset to all the children, schools and families you work with.”

“You’re a genius! We’re all so happy and mentally stronger!”


“I learned to view things in a different way … made me feel less stressed and more in touch with the present moment.”


“She is a reliable and honest person who is easy to get on with. I am very happy with the results.” 

"I am so pleased that we gave it a try. I'm very grateful for all you have done for us and I would certainly recommend your services.”

“Helped me to stop stressing about the future and just start doing the work I have now!”

“Catherine is incredibly professional and highly knowledgeable ... and never ceases to amaze me just how able she is to deal with every problem I highlight! She tackles every case individually and works tirelessly to come up with relevant working solutions.”


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