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 with vital human-centric skills. 


Today's leaders must meet the demands of their role with the fullness of their potential AND the fullness of their humanity.

Leadership no longer aligns with an old-style business-as-usual approach. We live in a rapidly evolving world which demands a different kind of leader. Organisations, the people within them, and the vast communities they serve and influence, benefit most when leaders operate from a foundation of self-awareness, insight and compassion.

More than ever, the world requires us to turn towards what's hard.

And I help leaders do hard things in a human way.

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I'm a seasoned practitioner with a background in executive leadership and I offer a unique approach and methodology that is different from, and goes beyond, conventional coaching.

My coaching stems from a deep understanding of the intricate workings of leadership dynamics, the brain, and the unlocking of unconscious patterns, biases, blocks and behaviours that impede leadership growth and hinder progress. When these issues hold leaders back they are influencing daily actions in a way that hinders the progression, fulfilment and aspirations of their people.

I coach using an integrated multi-level system of modalities from neuroscience-backed synaptic change-work to positive psychology to conversational hypnosis (a very powerful coaching skill). My unique coaching incorporates: cultivating crucial human-centric soft skills; brain rewiring utilising practical neuroscience; training leaders in self-directed neuroplasticity; and coaching both the conscious AND the unconscious mind.

Conversational coaching of the unconscious mind is a rare and valuable skillset, and is a unique and vital element of my coaching sessions. Why? Because the unconscious mind runs 95-98% of mental processing on autopilot, basing its every next move on well-grooved prediction and expectation patterns built over a lifetime. I believe that advanced leadership coaching can never be complete without addressing this - so we collaborate together to condition in prediction errors which act as roadblocks in your brain (a predictive organ) and re-wire unhelpful neural pathways into new, helpful, flexible and resilient pathways.

Welcome to my powerful and dynamic framework to unlock your full human-centric leadership potential.

In today's dynamic corporate landscape, 92% of executives identify soft skills as the most essential skillset to develop*, 88% of business leaders agreed with the statement that soft skills are directly related to business growth** and 77% of C-suite executives rate developing empathy and compassion as crucial to leadership development.***


The evolving demands of leadership are steering towards an absolutely critical need for genuine human skills, reshaping the very essence of effective leadership. We're talking about increasing emotional intelligence, cultivating compassion, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose, actively listening, enhancing self-awareness, mastering self-regulation, demonstrating integrity and being of genuine service to others.


* Docebo L&D report
** Ethical Angel 2022 survey of 1000 business leaders
*** LHH 2023 survey of 1500+ C-suite execs

Are you ready to explore how a fusion of practical neuroscience, self-directed neuroplasticity, strategic self-inquiry and compassion cultivation can develop crucial soft skills and optimise your leadership journey?

Connect today and take the first step towards lasting professional and personal change.

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Hi! I'm Catherine. I'm a heart-led, honest, curious, intuitive and collaborative coach ... who isn't afraid to bring in the right amount of challenge to facilitate your growth. 

As a passionate Leadership & Executive Coach, working at the cutting edge of where neuroscience meets inner wisdom, I'm driven by a profound curiosity about the human mind and its intersection with multifaceted and dynamic leadership effectiveness. 

Harnessing the power of neuroplasticity, I help leaders make profound change to meet the demands and responsibilities of their role with both the fullness of their potential and the fullness of their humanity. So they can do hard things in a human way. I use practical tools to help leaders cultivate human-centric skills, rewire the brain, rewrite unhelpful and limiting narratives, overcome obstacles and unlock their potential to optimise their brain for health, wellbeing and career performance.

My work is integrative, meaning I draw from a wide-ranging skillset honed over 20 years of study and almost 50 years of living, as well as my decade spent in management and executive leadership.

I collaborate and co-create change with leaders, never relying on one modality or one way forward, because every leader is unique.

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Key determining factors in true leadership success are no longer linked to the traditional hard skills leaders are typically well-trained in. Rather, mastering insightful, powerful and transformative soft skills have become critical to leadership potential and growth, as well as the potential and growth of every leader's most valuable asset - the people around them.

Regulating emotions better, increasing capacity to think flexibly, improving management of stress and automatic reactions, accessing flow state and mental rehearsal, nurturing the nervous system, understanding and over-riding the brain's negativity bias, cultivating compassion, fostering self-awareness and utilising metacognition are all learnable skills. These skills, I believe, are vital to leading in a way that's inclusive, sustainable, caring, insightful, positively impactful ... and human.

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"You‚Äôve done a fantastic job, again. You‚Äôre a very professional individual ‚Äď very flexible, very receptive, a great problem solver and an excellent communicator."

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"Superb interpersonal skills. Catherine is a great mentor and fantastic communicator."

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"Catherine Kell is one of the most caring, diligent people that I have ever met."

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"She is a joy to work with. She brings experience, intelligence and imagination to all her work."

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"Responsive and fun; appreciative and questioning; energetic and committed; intelligent and incisive."

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"Catherine has a can-do attitude at all times, always keeps her cool, and always delivers top notch services."

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Embark on a transformational journey towards becoming the leader you aspire to be.

Let's pave the way for your leadership success in an ever-evolving, diverse and fast-paced professional landscape. 

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