1:1 Leadership Coaching 


Rapid Rewire Month

One intensive month to address a specific issue or concern you are experiencing that you feel is holding you back as a leader.

This could be to do with challenging patterns of behaviour or unwanted reactions, limiting beliefs, unhelpful habits or ways of thinking that you would like to better understand and change -  because you feel they are influencing your daily actions in a way is hindering your progression, fulfilment and aspirations.

Or perhaps there's something specific on the horizon that's causing you anxiety and increased stress that you'd like to address.

You'll also learn practical neuroscience-based tools, strategies and templates (these are game-changing) to work with to continue to harness neuroplasticity, garner insight and improve your leadership efficacy.

~ 1 month: We kick off with 1 x 90 minute online session followed by 3 x 60 minute online sessions.

~ Private access to my 1:1 Client Hub for onboarding, session notes, any necessary supporting info and session scheduling. 

Longer Term Coaching

As well as covering specific issues and concerns as they arise (see Rapid Rewire) we will also decide upon your tailored areas to work on relating to your leadership progression.

Example areas are: growing inner trust, increasing self-awareness and self-knowledge, cultivating wise compassion, modelling accountability & personal responsibility, increasing mind-body resilience and coping skills, developing courageous authenticity, harnessing strengths and virtues, generating insight and meaning-making, managing stress, uncovering areas of inner resistance and misalignment, connecting to fullest humanity (self and others) and increasing happiness, joy, gratitude, appreciation, valued living and life satisfaction.

~ 3 / 6 / 12 month packages available.

~ Private access to my 1:1 Client Hub for onboarding, session notes, any necessary supporting info and session scheduling. 

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Working with me is ...

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The change work and brain rewiring that's possible in just one session can be mind-blowing and improve your leadership style and efficacy immediately.

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As well as fostering inner knowing in session, I'll teach you ways to access and cultivate inner wisdom and self-trust outside of session. Hello improved decision-making.

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I'm not afraid to deliver just the right amount of challenge because I want you to develop, grow and flourish. I want you to change what's holding you back.

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Fun & Human-Centric

Expect strong rapport, and laughs too! I bring my wit to coaching sessions alongside my experience, my caring, my support and my integrated skills.

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Workplace Workshops

(Experiential Group Sessions)  

There are various ways I can deliver game-changing techniques and knowledge to your business:

~ workplace psycho-education and experiential workshops around the learning of practical neuroscience-based tools and strategies to harness neuroplasticity, rewire the brain, garner insight and improve team efficacy (half-day / full day).

~ workplace workshops for teams to strengthen skills of self-awareness, attention, introspection, emotion-regulation, flow-state focus and mental rehearsal (pick 'n' mix in terms of content and timing).

~ workplace compassion cultivation programmes for c-suite, leadership, executives and senior management (these programmes run over a number of weeks - compassion change takes time and must happen from the inside out).


Embark on a transformational journey towards becoming the leader you aspire to be.

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