I coach at the cutting edge of where neuroscience meets inner wisdom ...

... by igniting the malleability of the brain and providing effective and practical neuroscientific tools and strategies for rapid and profound change.

I don't only coach on the level of the conscious mind. Because whilst the conscious mind may be our goal setter, it's the unconscious mind that's our goal getter. It's in coaching the unconscious mind that I uncover any inner resistance and misalignment holding leaders back. My unique approach helps leaders reach their highest potential whilst simultaneously connecting to their full humanity and the full humanity of all those around them. This is workplace thriving.

I want to make wise compassion in the workplace mainstream, and ensure that our leaders actually lead the way, doing hard things in a human way and fuelling compassion contagion throughout a company culture.

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Today's most brilliant leaders are experts in soft skills. 

Many leaders are well-trained in traditional hard skills. Yet mastering powerful and transformative soft skills is key to leadership effectiveness and organisational growth, as well as harnessing the potential of every leader's most valuable asset - the people around them.


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Leadership & Executive Coach: Seasoned practitioner with a professional background in executive directorship and a history of working with high-achievers and leadership. Unique approach going beyond conventional coaching, incorporating brain rewiring utilising practical neuroscience, self-directed neuroplasticity and coaching both the conscious and the unconscious mind. 

Brain Coach (Dip.Cl.Hyp (Distinction), Cl.NLP, SICH HPD, MNCH(Reg.): Special interests: brain rewiring (the malleable brain and neuroplasticity), practical neuroscience, uncovering and modifying unconscious blocks and biases, examining unhelpful thought patterns and perceptions, habit breaking/pattern breaking, dissolving limiting beliefs, memory reconsolidation, harnessing potential and moving towards a desired future, expanding awareness, opening up possibility, increasing motivation, improving sleep, decreasing anxiety and managing stress.

Self-Compassion Coach / Compassion Cultivation Coach / Mindfulness Coach: Helping leaders and high-achievers develop the practices of mindfulness-based self-compassion to decrease stress, anxiety, self-criticism, persistent self-judgement and maladaptive perfectionism; and increase human connection, happiness, joy, gratitude and life satisfaction. Coaching Senior Management and Executive teams to strengthen skills of self-awareness, attention, introspection, emotion-regulation, flow-state focus and concentration. Introducing heart-conscious leadership and compassion cultivation programmes into workplaces.

Pre-Coaching -> Executive Director Marketing & Communications: Working in a London-based environmental consultancy leading across Marketing, Communications, PR and Public Affairs teams to deliver multiple UK-wide campaigns and operate EU lobbying. Managed 6 external agencies and a £multi-million budget with executive board level seniority and strategic responsibility for company development and growth.

Accomplished Speaker & Provider of Workshops and Talks: Contributor on many podcasts, a number of mental health books (covering Anxiety, Depression, OCD & Eating Disorders) and in UK Psychologies magazine.

‚ÄčCatherine lives in Scotland, with her husband and two children and has had a personal mindfulness, meditation and compassion cultivation practice since 2006.¬†

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"Catherine is a very empathetic and nurturing person, who has an aptitude for developing skills in others."

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"Her commitment and dedication … are second-to-none, and to top it all off she’s genuinely one of the nicest people I have ever met."

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"Her strategies always help me to get back on track. She is thoroughly reliable and trustworthy ... I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her."

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"Catherine is highly-skilled and intelligent, with the ability to just ‚Äėmake things happen‚Äô."

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"You are a gift. Thank you."

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"She is both professional and relaxed at the same time ‚Äď a hard act to beat."

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